Register interest in hosting my festival show in your lounge room

The pandemic stopped everyone’s festival shows this year, but I was really happy with my show and want to deliver it this year while it’s still current. So, I’m proposing to film it at about three small scale, lounge room or backyard gigs and release it on my YouTube channel. Wanting to be safe, I won’t do it until things have calmed down with regards to COVID 19 and we’re all safe to mingle again on a small scale.

Where do you fit in? I’d like you to register your interest in hosting one of these gigs when things get back to normal.

Here’s what I reckon I need:

  • A small crowd of healthy people willing to get into laughing and be on camera a bit while they do so (say up to 25 people should do it – no little kids thanks, that gets too awkward)
  • Entry by online ticket sales that I set up to help me pay for the production
  • It’s an hour-long show, I deliver it with my own mic, small PA and lights (if necessary)
  • My cameraman Rory will be discreet and wonderful and set up around you with two or three cameras.
  • Gigs to take place after the peak of the Pandemic so conditions are safe and not so bleak.

If you would like to help, please get in touch, I only need about two or three of these gigs to go ahead. Or if you think you know someone who would like to host this kind of gig or any kind of gig, please forward this email to them.

Thanks for your help!

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