Comedy Club at the Civic Pub 10th Birthday Special!
8pm, Thursday 6 June, Civic Pub, Lonsdale Street, Braddon.

From humble beginnings to a juggernaut of Comedy rooms, ranked among the best in Australia! We have a special show of locals who have cut their teeth on the small stage at The Civic Pub. The line up includes Hamish Hudson, Emo Parsonson, Chris Ryan, Tom Gibson, David Graham, Frankie McNair and more!

Tickets $18 online or $20 if available at the door.
I’d book now online

1st Birthday of Beyond Comedy with John Cruckshank

Just back from a UK tour, the hilarious John Cruckshank is headlining Beyond Comedy on June 28 to mark the first birthday of this great new room in Weston Creek! If all goes to plan, we’ll be able to move into the new groudn floor accessible, purpose-built and licensed performance room in Beyond Q Books. Updates closer to the gig as to the status of licensed vs BYO.
Get in quick this gig sold out last time and there’s every chance this will too!

Beyond Comedy and Club Sandwich Comedy Bookings

Here is a new link to all the gigs I am currently running so you can buy tickets directly. For all festival and club gigs, see the relevant festival or club websites:


2 Replies to “Gigs”

  1. Chris – we were at the comedy festival showcase in Hornsby on Friday night . You were so so funny and the funniest by a mile . Really enjoyed your show !

    When is your next solo show ?

    1. Hannah, that was one of my favourite gigs ever! Thank you, I’m happy you liked it! I will be coming to Sydney Fringe in September with either a solo or split show, and I daresay many more festivals to come such as Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney next year. Would love you to rustle up a crew of mates and make a night of it. I’ll keepall gigs listed on my gigs page on this site. Thanks again for taking the time to write! Viva Hornsvby RSL!!!

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