Bill Makin’s stories are not heroic, they’re great.

Pictured on a trip to Jordan in 2016, Canberra comedian Bill Makin (33) is a big guy who identifies with ‘the little man’ and loves smashing an excercise bike to keep things level. I have never understood fans of Death Metal. To me, it’s the noise of angry, sweaty blokes, yelling “Roaaaaaah! Roaah! Raaaarghh! AAAAAA!” over machine gun drumming. Perhaps useful if you needed to get …

The Good, The Bad and The Elderly: two-time Moosehead winner Tanya Losanno’s new comedy

As a 46-year-old woman, a Mum and a comedian in Canberra, I have a lot in common with Tanya Losanno - a lack of comedy reviews from Canberra media being just one of them. After our informal workshop over salt and vinegar chips today, ahead of our new festival shows, I  interviewed this unassuming two-time …

Unqualified: Chris Ryan and Tom Gibson at Mebourne International Comedy Festival 2019

Photo by Rory Gillen taken at Lazy Su, Braddon. My very funny buddy Tom Gibson and I are putting on our first split show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival next year! It's called Unqualified and the Earlybird Tickets have just gone on sale! (Buy tickets here). We're old and we have families, so taking …

Well, this is Bogus

Pleased to present my second solo festival show to Canberra Comedy Festival at the big room in The Street Theatre! Save the date (or just go on ahead and book now) for Friday 22 March 7pm - the show is called Bogus Photo by the talented Rory Gillen.


For a few years now, I have noticed I'm going unnoticed...and I'm OK with that. This is a snippet from Civic Pub Comedy Club last November. And since you asked, yes, this is apropos of flogging tickets to my Canberra Comedy Festival show Grey Matter on Thursday 22 March at 7pm.

Canberra Comedy Chats Episode 2: Alex Wasiel

After her recent gig at The Civic Pub in Canberra, Alex Wasiel told me about her short improv course at a famous Chicago institution, Second City and why she is SO Polish. This is one funny woman to watch on the Australian comedy circuit - always warm, funny and full of uncannily accurate impressions.