For a few years now, I have noticed I’m going unnoticed…and I’m OK with that. This is a snippet from Civic Pub Comedy Club last November. And since you asked, yes, this is apropos of flogging tickets to my Canberra Comedy Festival show Grey Matter on Thursday 22 March at 7pm.

Give comedy for Christmas

If your Christmas is not hilarious enough, get a couple of tickets to see my one night only show Grey Matter at the 2018 Canberra Comedy Festival and shove them under the tree. (Seriously, I don’t care what you do with them once  you’ve bought them).
The Festival team have given me a gigantic and fantastic room (the Big Band Room at the ANU School of Music) and I want to reward them by FILLING IT, so please do get on board. It will be new stuff on getting older, speaking your mind and surviving dickheads. You’ll love it – spread the word! Thanks to Rory Gillen for photography and Rowdy Digital for the brilliant artwork!

Thursday 22 March 7PM
The Big Band Room, ANU School of Music

Grey Matter Poster web


The Bright Side breakfast radio, Wednesdays 7-8.30am 2xxFM

Bright Side

Tune in every Wednesday morning for The Bright Side on 2XX 98.3fm to hear Tom Gibson  Emo Parsonson and I carry on with shenanigans and silliness and the odd interview, guest comedian or live performance by local musos.

Here’s a couple of the promos we have for the show thanks to the delightful technical officer for 2xx, Dave:

And this one:

Tune in on 98.3FM or you can listen online at

Canberra Comedy Chats begin: Tom Gibson

I want to learn more about comedy and producing audio interviews, so here is my first go at both at the same time. The start, I hope, of many interviews with some of my favourite local and interstate comedians about the hows and whys of their comedy.

First up is Tom Gibson who is both hilarious and able to dissect the technical side of writing, stagecraft, persona and crowd work so people like me can start to understand it better.

Let me know what you think and if you have anyone or any questions you want asked in future.

Canberra Comedy Chats- Episode 1 Tom Gibson