Chats with Mum Episode 1: Shocking Mum

I’ve started making short animations of recorded chats with my Mum. These animations are unscripted and I made the myself (takes ages!) with subscription animation software, Vyond. Enjoy!

Long term relationships

A snippet of my set at the Sydney Comedy Festival Gala, Enmore Theatre , April 2019.

Charity Muggers

Another bit from Sydney Comedy Festival Gala, Enmore Theatre, April 2019.

Comedy Mums get out of line online

This is how I’m staying ‘sane’ during lockdown, chatting with fellow Mum comedians in Canberra Sue Stanic and Tanya Losanno online in messenger. This is just about verbatim.

Life in Lockdown

I made a video for the Tuggeranong Arts Centre website about this amazing time to be alive.

Charity Muggers

charity muggers pic