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Best Newcomer Sydney Comedy Festival 2019

It was great to recieve this award from the Sydney Comedy Festival after a bunch of fantastic gigs in the Emerald City by the Sea.

Review: Chris Ryan, Bogus, Canberra Comedy Festival, The Street Theatre 22 March 2019.

Chris Ryan is one of the most valued figures in the Canberra comedy scene, and, watching Bogus, it’s easy to see why.

It’s clear that Chris belongs up on stage telling jokes, and witnessing her do so is pure joy. She seems to be one of those rare comedians that are so good at what they do, and so comfortable doing it, that they make comedy seem easy. She commanded the attention of the room effortlessly; she evoked waves of laughter without so much as a sweat.

Bogus is about Ryan being fed up by just about everything. A lot of comedians couldn’t pull off a show based around being sick of it; endless rants and so on can be a bit draining, and it’s easy to alienate parts of your audience if you accidentally (or otherwise) breach the line into material that’s offensive.

Ryan, however, managed to stay away from the rants and insults, and instead imbued the show with relatable worries and stories. Chris Ryan is unapologetically herself on stage, and it’s amazing because she’s just like us (though a lot more charismatic); she says the things we all think but can’t say for fear of getting into trouble, and it’s so freeing to hear them finally said out loud.

Ryan has all the wisdom that comes with life experience with little of the (boring!) maturity, and it’s fantastic. The rest of the Bogus audience clearly agreed. We were all enthralled by her witty observations, and loved her material so much that she had to keep pausing for applause breaks.

Usually at this point of the review I’d point out some flaws in the show I’m reviewing. But I genuinely can’t think of anything bad to say about Bogus. Perfection might be unachievable, but Chris Ryan is damn near close to it. She has won me over, and, what’s more, she’s clearly won the hearts of Canberra audiences. I have no doubt that within the next few years Chris Ryan will become a household name in Australian comedy, and Australian comedy will be all the more interesting because of it.

You can catch Chris Ryan when she brings Bogus to the Enmore Theatre as part of the Sydney Comedy Festival on Sat–Sun May 18–19. She can also be found doing sets at local gigs throughout the year.

Sydney Comedy Festival: Bogus interview

I can’t wait to get to Sydney for this show – plus a lot of other gigs aorund these dates! Check out the interview about the show here:

Unqualified: an interview with Tom Gibson about our Melbourne International Comedy Show

A great interview with my buddy Tom Gibson about our show Unqualified, which runs at Crowded in the Vaults, near Pilgrim Bar, every night at 8.40pm until 7 April.

The Street Theatre: Getting to Know [me]

My venue for this year’s Canberra Comedy Festival, The Street Theatre asked me to answer a few questions.
They published the responses here.

Media & Reviews

Sydney Fringe Comedy Media

Middle Aged Mum Makes Fringe Comedy Debut – Broadway World, 17 September 2018

Grey Matter: Chris Ryan at Sydney Fringe – Sydney Arts Guide, 16 September 2018

Canberra Comedy Festival tickets in hot demand by Jil Hogan, The Canberra Times, 20 March 2018.

New faces and Grey hair at the Canberra Comedy Festival by Molly McLaughlin, Her Canberra, 21 March 2018.

Canberra Comedy Festival 2018: Is funny the new sexy? by Jil Hogan, The Canberra Times, 15 March 2018.

A short, fast and funny showcase of Canberra’s awesome comedy talent by Elias Halaj, The Riot ACT, 21 August 2017.

The Funny Side of Life by Kathy Sharpe (Fairfax) 3 Feb, 2017.

Match Fit with Chris Ryan and Greg Kimball

Jillian Carruthers Girl Reporter – You Are Here Festival March 2015 performance
“Created by Chris Ryan and Nick Smith, the performance cleverly juxtaposes elements from the early 20th century radio play genre with 21st century issues and humour, along with slapstick and visual jokes which break the fourth wall with amazing results.”
Read more here.

Watch a short clip from the performance here.

Comedians tickle Cooma's funny bone

Cooma-Monaro Express, Thursday 25th September 2014.

Photo courtesy of Peter Blackshaw Real Estate.
Photo courtesy of Peter Blackshaw Real Estate.

“Damn Brilliant”
Wow…What an MC Chris makes!
As the organiser for our annual Corporate Awards Gala Event, she made my life so much easier! She was ready & waiting & watching my every move on stage; ready to catch me & how cool is she at filling the airspace with comedy to keep the vibe buoyant in a big room!! Chris had a crazy tough room with a lot happening & she still captured their attention with her wit, wonder & bravado!
Damn brilliant. A huge thank you & a massive recommendation for anyone looking for an MC filled with a special bag of tricks!

– Leisa Newman, Operations Manager, Peter Blackshaw Real Estate September 2014.

The Riot Act
28th July,  2014
“Poli-Gobble – Civic Pub (Review)” by John Lombard

The Canberra Times
2nd March,  2014
“Funny Girls”

Jillian Carruthers, Girl Reporter – Review of show in You Are Here festival 2015.

The good people at Scissors Paper Pen reviewed the radio play written by Nick Smith (with a bit of input from me) that was made for the You Are Here festival.

Watch a snippet here.

“Created by Chris Ryan and Nick Smith, the performance cleverly juxtaposes elements from the early 20th century radio play genre with 21st century issues and humour, along with slapstick and visual jokes which break the fourth wall with amazing results.”

Read the full review here.

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