Media and Reviews

Wilosophy interview

An extraordinary longform interview with the brilliant Wil Anderson.

An overnight comedy success after nine years’ work

Arts Hub asked me to write about what it was like starting comedy late in life and getting some recognition. I tend to wanky here, sorry about that.

The Drawing Room Radio National Interview with Patricia Karvelas

Honestly the best interviewer I think I’ve ever encountered, Patricia Karvelas got me saying stuff I ordinarily wouldn’t have felt so comfortable about. It’s a good, meaty 19 minute interview.

Five Minutes with Chris Ryan

2 July 2019.
Beatrice Smith, Her Canberra.

Sunday Brunch with Lish Fejer on ABC Canberra

“It’s hard to get [parents] off the couch and I understand, I sometimes don’t want to go to my own comedy show, but it’s always worth it.”

Had a walk up Red Hill with Lish Fejer from ABC Canberra and talked about the Sydney Comedy Festival award, Canberra comedy and whatnot. (It’s at the 1 hour 21m mark)

Chris Ryan wins Sydney Comedy accolade

Helen Musa, City News online, May 31.

Canberra Comedy turns 10

Karen Hardy in The Canberra Times gives a brief history of comedy in Canberra as we mark a 10 year milestone at Civic Pub.

Review: Chris Ryan, Bogus, Canberra Comedy Festival, The Street Theatre 22 March 2019.

Agata Nabalo, BMA Magazine, April 2019.

The Funny Side of Life by Kathy Sharpe (Fairfax) 3 Feb, 2017.

Canberra Close Up (ABC Canberra Interview) 29 April 2016

Photo courtesy of Peter Blackshaw Real Estate.
Photo courtesy of Peter Blackshaw Real Estate.

“Damn Brilliant”
Wow…What an MC Chris makes!
As the organiser for our annual Corporate Awards Gala Event, she made my life so much easier! She was ready & waiting & watching my every move on stage; ready to catch me & how cool is she at filling the airspace with comedy to keep the vibe buoyant in a big room!! Chris had a crazy tough room with a lot happening & she still captured their attention with her wit, wonder & bravado!
Damn brilliant. A huge thank you & a massive recommendation for anyone looking for an MC filled with a special bag of tricks!

– Leisa Newman, Operations Manager, Peter Blackshaw Real Estate September 2014.

2 Replies to “Media and Reviews”

  1. Fab show at Melbourne comedy festival. Bliss for depressed mothers of teenagers. The irony was great – do it much more. The wisdom is great too, it silences the room, but never let that bother you.

    1. Great show at the oddly named Portico Room at Melbourne Town Hall. Christine’s warmth, wit and refusal to play the game of adult responsibility make her an icon for all of us failed adults. As said earlier ‘warm’ but without the ick, wise but not patronising and never predicable. Did I say ‘funny’ as?

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