Thanks to The Statesman Hotel Motel (our new sponsor for Beyond Comedy!)

I made this animation by way of thanks to The Statesman Hotel Motel in Curtin for being the accommodation sponsor for Beyond Comedy! It’s a Canberra icon – go and have a meal in the bistro or put your visitors up there at Christmas.


Ted XRegrammed photo by Jules Boag © TEDx Canberra 2018.

That time I ‘did’ TEDx Canberra

I never imagined I’d do a TED talk, but here we are. (They actually asked me to do comedy, but it was a mash up, in my view). I’ve already got a thumbs down on their YouTube page so I must have done something right, right? The other speakers, the organisers and the volunteers were great, though, and it was a really fun experience.

You can watch it here.

What’s it like?

I’ve had the pleasure of watching John Cruckshank a few times this year and I reckon he is a ridiculously funny guy. I asked him what people can expect of his upcoming solo hour at The Comedy Store on November 29 and this is what I got.

I’m busy, too!

Promo clip for Sydney Fringe Comedy Sept 2018

Charity Muggers

charity muggers pic

Managing Difficult People

Noticed, November 2017

Short Fast and Funny, August 2017

This was filmed by the CIT Media students in Woden, thanks to Tim Duck of Versed Productions, CIT and Canberra Comedy for organising it. Most Canberra comedians got up and did 3 minute sets specifically to be filmed. It was awks, but well lit.

Charity Muggers, October 2015

Derek Bogle Cheese Artist
I had forgotten about this one – written by Canberra comedians and my friend Nick Smith, starring Nick, Eddy Nelson (another Canberra comedian and friend) and Colin Simpson (writer, cameraman, editor and friend) at the home of Michelle Harris (friend, hilarious blogger, cheese mobile prop maker and location host).
Watch the video here:

Read the post by “Pierce” on the Riot ACT here.

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